Day 1 - October 8, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
Start  End  Theme    Room
08:00 08:30 Registration at FMCCA    Atrium
08:30 16:00 Departure from the FMCCA to visit the Clustertours (with presentations, visits and matchmaking)
    Agrifood Tour (Flander's Food)
Air Cargo Belgium (ACB) Tour
Antwerp Smart City Tour (The Beacon)
Coastal Marine Tour in Ostend (The Blue Cluster)
Creativity Tour (Flanders DC)
Digital Logistics Tour (VIL)
Energy Community Tour (Flux50)
Health & Life Science Tour (Flanders.Health., Health House)
Materials Tour (SIM)
Social Economy Tour: To be confirmed
Sports Tour (Flanders Bike Valley)
Sustainable Chemistry Tour (Catalisti)
19:00 22:00 Conference Welcome Cocktail   Marble Hall
Day 2 - October 9, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
Start  End  Theme    Room
08:00 09:00 Registration at FMCCA Atrium
09:00 09:30 Official opening of the conference Queen Elizabeth Hall
09:30 10:15 Kick off keynote speaker (tbc) Keynote speaker
10:15 11:15 Keynote "A longstanding cluster approach within Flanders" Keynote speaker
Koenraad Debackere - General Manager KU Leuven
followed by: "Flemish clusters interact with an international panel" Plenary Panel discussion
11:15 11:40 Coffee Break Atrium
11:40 12:30 Building cluster organisations for the future Plenary Panel discussion Queen Elizabeth Hall
"Once and Future Clusters - The changing role of Clusters in Innovation Ecosystems"
Simone Hagenauer - Austria
"Catalonia Strategy to promote shared value through clusters"
Jorge Joan Marti Estevez - Spain
"Innovation Management in regional clusters"
Sofia Norberg - Sweden
"Sintonías experience: a road map of resilience"
Rocio Prado - Mexico
12:30 13:30 Lunch Atrium
13:30 14:15 Cluster partnerships in Europe and beyond Queen Elizabeth Hall
Keynote Keynote speaker
Ulla Engelmann - Head of Unit Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy at European Commission
(other keynote speaker tbc)
14:15 14:30 Transfer to the rooms Atrium
14:30 17:00 Cluster S3 Event "European Interregional Learning on cluster policies & S3" Room
(afternoon session parallel with the two break-out sessions)
14:30 15:30 Break-out sessions on cluster partnerships Different rooms
Proven methodologies to increase cluster collaboration Table Workshops   Cluster partnerships and transformative tourism Table Workshops
"Intercluster collaboration to boost cooperative projects"
Eloi Montcada - Spain
  "Inter-cluster relationships: how a regional cluster of essential oils in the northwestern area of Tunisia can also benefit the national wellness tourism cluster"
Gloria Ferrer - USA
"Speed of trust – how transnational innovation can be boosted through cluster2cluster collaboration"
Leon Aahave Uhd. - Denmark
  "Travel to tomorrow - The impact (of the transformative power) of your sustainable tourism policy on better cluster collaborations"
Gemmeke De Jongh - Flanders/Belgium
"Cross cluster cooperation approaches, challenges/effects/impacts, results"
Els Van de Velde - Flanders/Belgium
Clusters in smart specialisation Panel discussion   Rethinking competition Panel discussion
"Different approaches to driving smart specialisation across regions in Australia"
Mirjana Prica - Australia
  "Collaborate or compite? - hot question for clusters"
Doris Pold - Estonia
"Smart Clusters for Smart Specialisation - A New Role for Clusters in Regional Transformation"
Michael Kaspar Keller - Switzerland
  "Botswana Economic Diversification Through Cross-pollination of Cluster Initiatives"
Mbakiso Morapedi - Botswana
"Linking Clusters and RIS3 in Bogota, Colombia"
Daniel Gomez Gonzalez - Colombia
  "The journey towards industrial transition: clusters as strategic agents of change for reinvigorating entrepreneurial dynamics. The case of Piedmont region"
Laura Delponte - Italy
15:30 16:00 Coffee Break / Transfer to the rooms Atrium
16:00 17:00 Break-out sessions on thematic clusters or cluster organisation Different rooms
Clustering for industry 4.0 Panel discussion   Digital tools for clusters Table Workshops
"Cluster dynamics as a mediating force for Industry 4.0’s potential to backshore industrial activities"
Bart Kamp - Spain
  "Digital economy tools in the development of clusters in Russia"
Iuliia Artamonova - Russia
"Smart Industry in Brabant, A massive joint effort"
Joep Brouwers - Netherlands
  "First results of the evaluation of Digital Maturity Levels of Clusters"
Antonio Novo Guerrero
"Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food: for a more interconnected, resilient and smart agri-food system in Europe"
Veerle Rijckaert - Flanders/Belgium
  "Artificial Intelligence cluster building"
Anne van der Velden - Netherlands
"IN4.0 Connecting Clusters: Convergence Approach"
Jamie Meehan - Ireland
Clustering for circular economy Panel discussion   Designing & Developing Clusters Workshop
"Clusters in the Circular Economy - Putting action behind UNs Sustainable Development Goals"
Kaspra Nielsen - Denmark
  "Designing an innovation-centric cluster business model"
Evgeniya Lupova-Henry - Switzerland
"Towards a circular economy with a smart industry"
Marieke Huis in't Veld - Netherlands
"Sustainable Industry by Responsible Research and Innovation"
Tamas Gyulai - Romani
"Linking clusters to develop biobased new value chains in Alpine Space"
Jacques Bersier - Switzerland
Evaluation of clusters Workshop      
"Cluster Evaluation 2.0 – New Emerging Themes for Evidencing Impact"
Madeline Smith - United Kingdom
19:00 Conference Dinner at the “Handelsbeurs”
Day 3 - October 10, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
Start  End  Theme    Room
08:00 09:00 Registration at FMCCA Atrium
09:00 10:10 Keynote Keynote speaker Queen Elizabeth Hall
Elvira Haezendonck - full professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
(other keynote speaker tbc)
10:10 11:10 The role of cluster organisation Plenary Panel discussion Queen Elizabeth Hall
"The changing shapes of clusters and its impact in regional competitiveness"
Alberto Pezzi - Spanje
"Services to clusterorganisations – benchmark, learnings and implementation in Flanders"
tbc - Flanders/Belgium
"A Model for Cluster Support & Cluster Organisation Development in Ireland"
Eoin Byrne - Ireland
11:10 11:30 Coffee Break / Transfer to the rooms Atrium
11:30 12:30 Break-out sessions on cluster organisation and regional growth Different rooms
Impact of digitalisation on smart clusters and vice versa Table Workshops   Different approaches on cluster policy Table Workshops
"Smart digital ecosystem through Clusters"
Vincent Dugre - Canada
  "Clusterpact: tool to involve broader policy domains to contribute to increased competitiveness of the cluster"
Ria Bruynseels - Belgium
"The impact of digitalisation on the need for accelerated time-to-market and open innovation in the context of clusters"
Ines Sagrario - Spain
  "Regions and clusters - mutual expectations"
Cecilia Johansson - Sweden
"Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food: for a more interconnected, resilient and smart agri-food system in Europe"
Veerle Rijckaert - Flanders/Belgium
  "An exploratory study of developing a cluster policy in a peripheral regional economy: evidence from key stakeholders in key growth sectors"
Linda Jamison - Northern Ireland
How to create and measure impact of excellent cluster strategy Round Table   Some regional experiences on cluster building Round Table
"Key success factors to define the right cluster strategy (Cluster strategy as basis to help members overcoming future challenges by means of two real cases)"
Maria Pedrals - Spain
  "Mapping the Evolution of the Biomedical Competitiveness Cluster of Wallonia: A Longitudinal Analysis"
Conor Harte - Ireland
"Clustering to develop new and better strategies in Latin America"
Carlos Tarrason - Brazil
  "Promoting clusters worldwide: Ukraine cluster policy - challenges and opportunities"
Anastasiia Konstantynova - Ukraine
"Do Clustered Firms Outperform the Non-clustered Ones? Evidence of Firms’ Financial Performance in Traditional Industries"
Drahomira Pavelkova - Czech Republic
  "Catalysing value chain innovation in a regional chemistry & plastics cluster"
Tine Schaerlaekens - Belgium
"Cluster Development through Strategy Simulations"
Christian Rangen - Norway
Gender Diversity for Cluster Competitiveness Workshop      
"Concept for a workshop dedicated to discuss the potential clusters have to address transversally gender & diversity approaches to increase the competitiveness of clusters’ members"
Lucia Seel - Austria
12:30 13:30 Lunch Atrium
13:30 14:45 World wide clusters Queen Elizabeth Hall
Keynote Keynote speaker & panel
Christian Ketels - Chief Economist of The Boston Consulting Group at the BCG Henderson Institute
Panel discussion on world wide clusters and macro-regional perpectives
Official Flag Ceremony
14:45 15:00 Coffee Break / Transfer to the rooms Atrium
15:00 18:00 Eurasian event "Competitiveness 2050: Regions and Clusters in Era of 4th Industrial Revolution" (macro-regional challenges for Eurasian regions) Darwin room
(session parallel with the other TCI afternoon sessions - preregistration required)
15:00 16:00 Break-out sessions on world wide clusters Different rooms
World Differences in Cluster Development Round Table   Clusters Changing Regions Round Table
"Identifying inclusive innovation clusters globally"
Upeksha Amarasinghe - North America
  "African Macro-regional perspectives in Energy: the case of the Natural Gaz Cluster in Gabon"
Saskia Bonnefoi - America
"Institutional Clusters: Strategies for the development of SMBs in Mexico"
Gerardo San Roman Munoz - Mexico
  "Defining skills clusters in Canada"
Asa Motha-Pollock - Canada
    "Clusters as change agents in ‘unhospitable’ environments: lessons from Russian and Australian clusters"
Evgeniya Lupova - Switzerland
MNE and clusters Workshop   Sharing Knowledge is Helping Clusters Round Table
"MNE and cluster: a ‘chicken or egg’ discussion"
Evgeniy Kutsenko - Russia
  "International Knowledge Sharing: Clustering for Competitiveness"
John Hobbs - Ireland
    "Rethinking cluster competitiveness studies: Industrial Competitiveness Atlas"
Marek Tiits - Estonia
Evaluation of clusters International Innovation Scouting: a Cluster Tool" Round Table      
"International Innovation Scouting as a Tool for Cluster Support and FDI Attraction"
Frank Speer - Germany
16:00 16:20 Wrap up and closing Queen Elizabeth Hall